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Managed Social Media provide unique social media solutions for clients, rather than set packages that promise a kitten video to gain you thousands of YouTube hits.

We know that you are looking for help with social media to improve your business and ultimately increase sales. You know there is a whole online market out there but you are unsure of how to tap into it….we do and can help! You may have had good intentions of keeping up to date with your Facebook page or Twitter profile, but can no longer find the time to dedicate to it.


Managed Social Media understand that the capabilities and intricacies of digital marketing and social media are ever evolving. Therefore we have listed the most current widely used methodologies that improve brand awareness and increase sales for businesses. The services we can provide all boil down to the needs of your organisation. Therefore, we welcome being able to discuss various solutions with you over a cup of tea or coffee.

social media strategy


Managed Social Media will propose a social media strategy for you after carrying out an audit of your online presence and any social media accounts linked to your business. Or if this is your first step taking your business online then we will identify the most appropriate social media networks for your target audience and create social media networks for you.



We audit your current social media set up, your competitors, industry, projects or events to understand your online market and give you an overview of statistics.



Understanding the world of your business allows us to create or suggest the social media channels that will work best to showcase your products or services.



Knowing the types of customers attracted to your organisation enables us to align the products and services in your marketing strategy with your customer’s interests and grievances.



Publishing informative and creative content that links back to your website, makes your products and services easier to find when customers are on the search for them.



Managed Social Media gain a clear understanding of your target client audience not only from our initial review of your online presence, but by having an open and honest two way communication with you from the outset. From this, we create a social media content schedule that will allow interesting and engaging information to be published, based on your business’ existing, or new marketing strategy. Content will gain, or build upon brand awareness, increase traffic to your website and reach your desired audiences. Website and social media channel leads that convert into sales transform the relationship you have with customers and require further educational content to keep customer relationships alive.


Be creative with your content

Video is the most effective way to inform and drive an audience to your website or social media channels. Managed Social Media understand online films, and work with video production companies to create specific social media video. Anything from multiple camera live event coverage to multiple films, that with clever planning and a clear brief, can be scheduled for several months in advance on your website, and/or social media channels. Think of an engaging, enjoyable nugget of information you digested from watching a video. When considering a particular product or service to purchase, you are much more likely to commit to a purchase from a company you feel takes the time to provide content that you can relate to.

Email Marketing

Managed Social Media, develop direct email marketing campaigns specifically designed to pull in your existing client base to your website. Providing engaging information about your business, topical industry articles/excerpts and content to customers or stakeholders can be a time consuming and costly exercise, especially when using traditional marketing methods such as newspaper or magazine adverts. Once you blow your budget on your shiny new ad there is no way of knowing who has seen it and if any sales are directly converted. Email marketing links back to your website and social media networks, enables marketing ‘automation’ and gives some very clever statistics that allow you the opportunity to convert more sales.

Social Media Monitoring

Managed Social Media also offer ‘social media listening’. Essentially ‘eavesdropping’ in on conversations throughout various social media networks to find out what is being said about your brand, services, customer service etc. This enables continual testing and refining of the content published, to better suit your customer needs and funnel leads to convert into sales!



At Managed Social Media, we understand that each social media platform is unique, not to mention the myriad of analytical data each channel offers. However many networks  your business benefits from appearing on, your company’s identity or brand must stay consistent to assist with effective reporting. In most cases, we can link your chosen social media networks to your existing website. This enables publishing content directly from your site that will auto-post to the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc . This further increases traffic to your site, complements search engine optimisation, and can enable more sale conversions.



You determine what level of information to include in your social media analytics.



See how your social media content solves customers problems.



Analytical reporting will show what content drives traffic to your website.



Target the right social media networks for your customers.



Your social media analytical reporting information can help to funnel leads.



All client information is kept confidential and secure.


  • Dawn devised a social media strategy, content schedules and direct email marketing campaigns to further brand-build Rain Fashion UK. We gladly continue working with Managed Social Media for events' campaigns, maintaining customer engagement and relationships.

    Abigail Love Rain Fashion UK
  • Dawn managed our social media strategy and content schedule, including a high volume of video, for the 2017 local election campaign. As a small new, political party with limited budget, Dawn's approach and ideas maximised our audience reach with fantastic results!

    Gavin Williams Councillor, Penrhiwceiber ward RCTCBC
  • Dawn has worked with Tantrwm Limited for three years using a combination of social media content and direct email marketing, to help deliver focused messages on specific subjects, to a variety of target groups. We will continue to work with Managed Social Media.

    Andrew Chainey Tantrwm Limited
  • Dawn worked with us at Showcase Sioegerdd, a charity drama group for children, to help us organise and improve our social media content management. Dawn also gave us training on how to update our WordPress website content. All of which has been such a great help and support. Many thanks, Roger and Liz.

    Roger Showcase Sioegerdd

You are already immersed in running your business, managing staff, chasing invoices and keeping to deadlines, so you need to entrust someone experienced to manage your social media requirements. This enables you to continue to manage your business effectively. Managed Social Media are always happy to chat to you about what solutions can work for your business.



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    Outsource your social media
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    Busy parents with businesses
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    Your types of customers - 'buyer personas'
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    Making social media work for your small business


Managed Social Media

Managed Social Media is all about giving small organisations time to maintain and improve their online presence. Dawn appreciates how little spare time owners of small companies have to spend publishling content.

Time is a luxury

Running a business, having a family or other commitments, can make it impossible to find time to keep your website and social media channels updated, let alone keep up to date with new social media functions.

Gain time

It’s pointless to just post during the one and only calm 30 seconds of the day you have. Instead, Dawn can help you plan quality content for your target audience and make sure that it publishes at the optimum time!

Understanding YOUR business

Dawn will gain an understanding of your business and the products and services you offer. It is from here that Dawn can then audit your social media profiles, establish your target customers and provide you with solutions.

One size does not fit all!

Dawn will not offer any set packages as one size just doesn’t fit all, however, she will see how you can work that little bit smarter, in order to tap into your ever growing online market. Whether you’d like a tutorial with specifice social media tips, a more detailed strategy or a full on content schedule to follow – every solution is unique and adapts to your business.


Dawn offers social media solutions to small businesses. She has gained her skills and experience in business support, office management, staff management and recruitment experience from working since 1990 at organisations including FujiFilm, BT, 3Com, and BP and Aviva.


Dawn works closely with video production company, Tantrwm Ltd, a luxury fashion designer, flooring supplier, cryptocurrency, outdoor learning provider, educational training provider, local political party, public house and charity drama group.

Start your new social media plan, contact Dawn: