Don’t let the kids tell you off for working on your phone or ipad all the time | Chat to Dawn about how you can get your social media managed

Busy parents with businesses

Managed Social Media is all about giving small organisations time to maintain and improve their online presence. We appreciate how little spare time busy parents with businesses have to spend publishling content.

Family commitments

Running a business, having a family or other commitments, can make it impossible to find time to keep your website and social media channels updated, let alone keep up to date with new social media functions.

Screen time

When you get home at the end of a long day, if the kids are still up, they naturally want your attention and to have fun with you. We all tell our kids not to play on their phones or ipads for too long so its no wonder our little cherubs get cross when they see their busy parents fixated on their screens. Also, it can be a wasted exercise posting content as and when you have time. This may not be when your existing, and would-be customers are online. Instead, let Managed Social Media plan and create quality content for your target audience and make sure that it publishes at the optimum time!

Understaning YOUR business

Are your kids old enough to understand what a business is, let alone what your business does? They just see you as ‘play time’ and want to cash in on as much of it as possible! They don’t care about being busy with your business. We will chat to you to understand your business and the products and services you offer and carry out an audit of your social media profiles. Managed Social Media can then establish your customers and provide you with solutions.

Kids and businesses – they really are all different!

No one child is the same, and its the same for businesses. Every organisation runs in a certain way, has different needs to function and has an array of customer requirements. That’s why we will not offer any set packages as a Managed Social Media fix.  Instead, we will plan a strategy so that you can work that little bit smarter, in order to tap into your ever growing online market.  


Busy Parents with businesses

Parents managing a business doesn’t just involve getting customers, managing staff, dealing with suppliers, paying bills, chasing invoices, etc. They’re also managing:

  • nurturing small humans
  • school runs
  • homework
  • after school clubs
  • mealtimes
  • washing
  • and all those other lovely chores done for love!

Chat to Dawn about getting your social media managed so you can enjoy spending more time with the kids.