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Making social media work for your small business

Making social media work for your small business just can’t be sniffed at. Whereas most big corporate companies have digital marketing budgets, and even teams dedicated purely working on “paid social”, this is not a luxury that the average small business has. Therfore, working a bit smarter on social media is key.

‘But Facebook, Twitter and Instagram haven’t worked for my business’

When Facebook introduced ‘pages’, it was easy to post information about sales, job vacancies etc. However its no longer just Facebook that will spread the word of your organisation as “Small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without.”, so content published by small companies must be eye catching, engaging, informative and educational.

How do I choose between Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn?

Facebook is the current favoured platform for small and medium businesses to advertise with, however, Instagram is far more effective for visually impacting offerings. An image of an attractive tasty dish is going to get your interest rather than a Facebook text link to a recipe! Whereas, for a more corporate, professional approach, LinkedIn is best for sharing industry articles. This is also an excellent recruitment tool.


Analytics is gold dust!

I don’t think any sales have come from social media! How do you know? By analysing your social media platform statistics to find out. Establishing who’s clicking what, for how long, what your audience interests are etc, will enable you to re-evaluate and refine your content. This is a continual process, saving you wasted time of just ‘posting’ because you feel you should.

No to passive scrolling!

People know what they’re looking for. Whether looking for an eco-friendly holiday resort that the kids will be happy with, or for some customised “Vans” to wear at a “VW” festival. Your products must stand out visually accompanied with interesting content.


Introductory offer Feb 2018

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