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Outsource your social media

Outsource your social media so that you stick to your social media strategy. I know how hard it is to get everything done in a day. I’ve worked for Executive Board members who manage their time by the minute, and now I’m experiencing my own ‘time deficit disorder’ by running my own small business!

Simple outsourced social media

When I first started working on business social media for clients, it was a simple game. I was given a brief by my, then boss (and partner) of what was needed for each client.  Most of the time, they needed a Facebook page, and maybe a Twitter account to be set up and sometimes, but not always, a website too. The method was simple, we offered website SEO, devised buyer personas, a monthly plan and content schedule.

Customer engagement

The client largely responded to any ‘in-depth’ comments or reviews that got the business owner hot under the collar. I made sure all agreed content published on time whilst managing a small team of remote bloggers, content writers and an in-house content manager.

Social media explosion

By 2016, internet users had rapidly increased, as had the amount of content and new social media platforms available. Things were changing so fast that it was difficult to keep up with new apps and the new functions within the now ‘old favourite’ social media ‘sites’. Skip forward to 2018 and things have developed even further, seemingly even quicker than before.

Shopping list

These days, you really need to know who you are targeting online. Think of it as going to the supermarket to get ingredients for a recipe. If you take a list, you know exactly what you need and what aisles to go to, and if you’re a mega planner like me, then you may even write your itemised list in aisle order! When you get to the shop, you can effectively target each section, swiftly collecting the items you need and get to the till quickly.

Unplanned is unprepared

If you go shopping without a list, you get side tracked by other products that you can’t remember if you need or not, get tempted by offers that look appealing but will end up wasting you time and money, plus you end up forgetting the most important items of all and your recipe will not turn out as it should. A little planning and preparation can save unwanted stress.

Ideal customers

Imagine your ideal customers are the items on your shopping list. They will make the most amazing recipe of brand awareness and sales! You need to know where to find these customers:

Spend your marketing budget wisely

Keep to your marketing spend, by targetting the customers on your list and make sure you don’t get side-tracked with would-be clients that just aren’t ideal for you or your business. An alternative ‘type’ of customer may look as if they might be easy to convert from a lead into a sale, however if you focus your time and money on your ‘buyer personas’ you will see a greater return in the long run.

Sell your products online

By establishing your ideal clients you can now think about which products to sell to them, so the next step is to provide them with interesting information about what you have to offer. Why would your shopping list of customers want to buy from you and how will their purchase generally make their life better?


Invest in your business

Advertising on social media used to be a simple affair, but its now a much more time consuming, long-term investment that if you get it right, you will get a great return:

  • Create buyer personas of your customers
  • Ensure you are using the correct social media channels to engage with your desired customers
  • Publish and share interesting content they would like to see
  • Relate to or empathise with their hobbies and grievances
  • Make your clients feel that you are a person or business they would want to buy products and services from

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