Social media content marketing

Content marketing will either drive customers away or increase traffic to your website!

Used well, content marketing really can work for your small business. What is key, is that content has consistent, clear targeted messages for the audience you are trying to reach.

There are too many social media sites to keep up with!

Don’t worry, by reviewing your insights and analytics, you can find out what channels your would-be customers are using. Whether Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc, all of your content needs to be interesting, factual and engaging. If you are the owner of your business and don’t have time to do this, then outsourcing your social media management is a great investment!


‘Google Juice’!

Your own photos, video, text, etc must be original or you must have permission to use it. Every piece of content must be optimised for web searches:

  • Alt Text: Adding ‘alt text’ to every picture gives you another thread on the web for people to find
  • Tags: Using specific tags on YouTube or Facebook videos will further increase your chances of being found
  • Keywords: Weaving keywords, that exist in your website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), into your social media content will send another little crawly spider on it’s way to Google

Cocktails you’ll want to try….immediately!

  • What makes you stop scrolling and read something?
  • What makes you actually click on a link?
  • Will you click on the same sponsored advert that you’ve been seeing every day for the past 2 weeks?

Most probably not. You are more likely to read a short article with an eye catching image so that you can find out more about something you’re actually interested in. Or perhaps a video that shows the latest prank or challenge, or that cocktail recipe that you clearly need to perfect weeks ahead of your girls night in!

Ooh, I didn’t know that. That’s useful!

The simple solution is to provide your audience with an interesting fact or some information that may help them day to day:

  • Google My Business is a great way for your local audience to find you
  • Use Facebook Business Manager to upload a catalogue of products that can be sold via FB shop and Instagram product tagging
  • WhatsApp Business is great for small businesses to keep customer contacts in one place, especially if they don’t use Messenger

This gains the trust of potential customers. Your audience may not yet need a service or product you offer. However if they now feel affiliated with your business, then they are more likely to buy from you when they do need your brand, and will tell others about your company.


How much does social media content marketing cost?

If you think paying for social media marketing is expensive then you’re both right AND wrong! There are some marketing agencies out there that charge very high fees. Digital marketing companies that are city based in hipster offices, naturally have to find the money to pay their rent, rates and staff costs. That all gets added into their fees. Similarly, bigger organisations like Yell who provide costly subscriptions. Content marketing doesn’t have to cost the earth. It’s an investment in your business the same as any staff training or new equipment is.

What am I paying for?

Social media content marketing is about investing valuable time to ensure you’re giving your customers what they want:

Loud yell ensues!!!


Flyers are still a great way of spreading the word about your business, however, if you are used to traditional marketing methods such as local newspaper or magazine ads, how do you know who is seeing your adverts? Do you ask your customers what made them buy from you and where they found out about you? Keep a simple tally of the amount of customers you gained via traditional ads and those who found you online.


Your customers are your best recommendation! Create confidence in your target audience by showing them other customers, like them, who have trusted in your business and are happy with the results! Images and video of the products or services you’ve provided work brilliantly to prove that you are the best at what you do, or provide.


Use your knowledge of your industry, experience, services, products etc to become the ‘go-to’ business for the services and products you sell.

Invest in your small business

Every business is unique, which is why Managed Social Media only offer tailored solutions that will add value to your business. Whether you need a promotion to run for a couple of months, 6 months content planned and scheduled or a strategy in place for the year. To find out more about using social media content marketing for your business, contact Dawn. First hour consultation is always FREE.