Dawn helps small businesses manage their social media

With a jaw-dropping karaoke voice and ninja level organisational skills, Dawn’s Managed Social Media will help keep you on top of your social media:

  • FREE – sign up for more tips and hacks or a free 30 minute consultation
  • CONSULTATION/STRATEGY – If you know you need a strategy but haven’t a clue where to begin, then Dawn will devise a unique, easy to follow plan
  • TOTAL SOLUTION – Dawn will take control of social media scheduling to your target audiences, implement website SEO, produce campaign emails and respond to your audiences across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc

Dawn’s Managed Social Media will help you keep on top of your business and keep your customers happy and engaged.

Dawn has been helping clients’ posts reach their target audiences for over 3 years with clever research and content rather than Facebook and Instagram ads that show little return. One of Dawn’s long-standing clients is video production company Tantrwm Limited where she has assisted with social media coverage for filming and live events involving Plaid Cymru, Royal College of Music, the Welsh Bodybuilding Federation, the Welsh football and rugby teams, The Manics, Black Eyed Peas, Derek the Weather, and even Harry & Megan!


Social media solutions and live event coverage projects include:

  • Rain Fashion UK: building brand awareness | photo shoots live social media coverage in Ibiza
  • Body Building event: runner & live social media coverage | website content
  • Outdoor Learning Provider: website content | email campaigns | social media scheduling | video interviews with local AM and Welsh Assembly Minister to build video content
  • Cryptocurrency: Total social media content management and scheduling across 8 social media platforms | official videographer at a Blockchain event in Moscow

A few hours a week will help!

Give your social media channels some TLC:

  • Carry out a simple audit to see where your customers hang out
  • Listen to what people are saying about the types of services and products you sell
  • Make sure all your social media channels are branded in the same way
  • Send a nice interesting email to your existing customers, remind them you’re still there and you have lots to offer!