#socialmediatips that will help you out no end!

Use these #socialmediatips and learn how to use free social media scheduling tools to find interesting content to share with your audience. See how making sure your images are the optimum size improves your Google ranking. These #socialmediatips will help you manage your online presence better and get the right messages to your target audience.


More #socialmediatips and advice

If you would like to know more about how you can improve managing your social media channels and where to look for engaging social media content, please get in touch for a chat and a cuppa. I love helping small businesses to beat the big boys at their own game. Finally get rid of those niggling social media tasks and find your effective Managed Social Media solution today! It’s a known fact that you have little time to spare when trying to manage your own local business and you need someone to work around your busy schedule and really listen to what help it is you need.


A few hours a week will help!

Give your social media channels some TLC:

  • Carry out a simple audit to see where your customers hang out
  • Listen to what people are saying about they types of services and products you sell
  • Make sure all your social media channels are branded in the same way
  • Send a nice interesting email to your existing customers, remind them you’re still there and you have lots to offer!

Keep those few hours a week to yourself, give Dawn a call and trust me to take care of things so that you can manage your business even more effectively.

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