Top social media content ideas

Benefits of using some of these top social media content ideas!

If you continually post about the services and products you offer, no matter how pretty they may be…you will find that likes, shares and comments will start to reduce on your Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter account etc. Think of your own ‘scrolling’ habits. How many times do you block or report a page because you’ve seen the same ad 5 times in a few days, how many times do you end up un-following a page because the content they share doesn’t interest you anymore? By planning your content in line with what you want your customers to buy from you, you can mix things up a bit and make your feed interesting, eye catching and inviting to new potential customers!

Simple social media guide

If you don’t have a business plan, or even sales targets, then write a list of what you want to sell (I personally find using Google sheets the best way to do this but good ol’ fashioned pen and paper is just as good!)

  1. Write 3 bullet points against each selling item; 1. Own info, 2. Shared info, 3. Educational info
  2. Set up Google Alerts, and/or RSS feeds as a source for your shared and educational info
  3. Check your social media platform insights – If you aren’t using Facebook Business Manager or Facebook Creator studio, then give it a go as not only can you look at your analytics for Facebook and Instagram, you can now also schedule posts to both platforms here! Note down the days/times that are best for you to post content
  4. Add to your list when you will post your content and schedule away!
  5. Try to be online up to 30 minutes after your posts have been published so that you can respond to comments and shares
  6. Whilst you’re online, be sure to follow, like, share and comment on other individuals’ posts, relevant organisations’ and businesses’ pages/accounts AND join FB groups as your page 😉

Google – free help!

If you haven’t set your business up on Google My Business, then you’re really missing a trick!

  • You can now create a ‘profile short name’ so that it mirrors your other social media platform @names
  • Make it easier to spread the word about your business and share your Google My Business ‘page’
  • Publish posts that link back to your website – they last 7 days as ‘live’
  • Upload photos set up with Alt Tags
  • All of this will add to your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and help to get your business found more!

Make your social media content top!

If you feel a bit bogged down and lack inspiration for all things social media, then get in touch with me, Dawn and I will ask you questions about your business, what you’re trying to achieve, what you’ve tried with social media already, what’s worked well, what hasn’t, etc. First half hour consultation is always FREE! I don’t sell fixed packages, I build social media solutions that are built around what YOUR business needs and no-one else’s.