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Understanding your types of customers: ‘buyer personas’

Your social media plan, must revolve around the types of customers, ‘buyer personas’ you are marketing to. The best way to achieve this is to create imaginary buyers, also sometimes called ‘customer avatars’. Managed Social Media align the products and services you have to your customer’s interests, or solutions they are looking for. As a result, your customers will engage with you more if they feel personally linked to the content they are reading. Haphazardly publishing content will result in little, or no return on investment as you are effectively throwing away time, effort and money. In addition, you will be left with a severe lack of customer engagement.

What is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona details characteristics and traits of a person ‘type’. Managed Social Media understand that it can be hard to visualise a fictitious customer at first so:

  • Use an image of the persona you have in mind or even draw a stick man/woman
  • Take a look at other industry businesses’ social media content
  • See what your competitors publish

You will have a clear idea of what others are marketing, and who to. This can give lots of inspiration!


Visualise being face to face with your customer

A loft conversion specialist called Lewis attends a property of minimalistic design, owned by a trendy looking 30-something. They are there to give a full Velux window quote. Instinctively, Lewis talks to them about modern designs, electric Velux blinds and toughened glass staircase banisters. Communicating with buyer personas is no different as you are hoping for that positive customer engagement to increase your chances of converting into a sale.

Persona example: Lewis

Background: Left school at 16, worked on building sites whilst training at college in carpentry and started his own business in loft conversions when he was 28.

  • Married with 2 children under 6 years old
  • Hobbies/Interests: Fitness & healthy eating, rugby, snowboarding
  • Age: 32-40 • Education: College • Location: South Wales Valleys

What is Lewis looking for, or what problems is he looking to solve?

  • Lewis wants to expand his service outside of the valleys to Cardiff, Bridgend, etc
  • Lewis’ testimonies and referrals are key to him gaining new business
  • Communicating Lewis’ excellent skill, experience and customer service is imperative
  • Customers’ budgets can be worked with

The importance of customer engagement

Managed Social Media offer ‘social media listening’, which involves ‘eavesdropping’ in on your social media network conversations. You can find out what your audience is saying about your company which enables you to refine your content further.

Easy does it

Start off easy by creating a couple of buyer personas to start with as you will need to look at the published content analytics regularly to establish what has worked well and what hasn’t. It is from here that you can redefine your buyer personas, refine your content and repeat the process so that messages become more and more personally linked to your audience.


Introductory offer Feb 2018

Managed Social Media know that content will gain, or build upon brand awareness, increase traffic to your website and reach your desired audiences.

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